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Self-Defense Tips
by: Master Instuctor Sensei Tyminski

How to handle TRICKS and TREATS on Halloween night.



Once a year on Halloween kids dress up in costumes, collect candy,  and run around door to door shouting

“Trick or Treat!!”   As the  community comes together with generally good intentions and bonding, saying “hello” to all,  

some neighbors even serve cider and/ or miscellaneous other adult libation beverage types to the parents who gladly

volunteer their time to chaperone said wonderful and playful children.  Generally speaking, a fairly fun night for all. 

Below are a few ninja safety tips to keep in mind.


  1.  Keep an eye on adults wearing costumes.  Particularly the costume types that hide the face and top of the head.  Also take note if the potential adult is wearing gloves.

  2. Beware of the kids dressed in all black that ( “Wait a minute!  They’re not kids!  Why do they look like teenagers?)  may be out to smash the occasional pumpkin or spray shaving cream.  Damage property etc.

  3. Try to know who is giving your kids the candy.  When you go through the candy later with your kids you will have no Idea who gave what unless you keep a ledger . 

  4. Throw out all candy that you deem suspicious even in the slightest way.  There will be plenty of it so do not take any chances whatsoever.

  5. Don’t let anyone in your house who you do not know well.  Trick or treat! Come on in!  Oh crap!  That’s a real weapon.  YIKES!!. 

  6. Keep back doors and side entrances locked.  While you are handing out candy and distracted someone can slip in the back.  Don’t get spooked!  Be smart.


For a more detailed list and /or customized ways to keep your kids safe in all scenarios including realistic self-defense for children and adults,  please feel free to contact me directly at Senshi Martial Arts Academy located on the 2nd Floor of the Marcellus Fitness building.  (315) 415-6171


The Laws of Light



Did you know it takes the average human up to 8 times longer for their eyes to adjust to bright light to pitch black than from pitch black to light?  Did you know that people who keep their house well-lit on the inside at night can be easily seen by a possible stalker/predator who may be lurking outside and said stalker/predator would never be seen form the person inside because the lights are ON   and it is PITCH BLACK outside?  Unfortunately the above statements are true so here are a few free suggestions on how to be relaxed and still be somewhat capable in the event some creep is lurking around your personal residence.  


 1.  Keep outside lights on and inside lights off.  This not only puts the laws of light in your favor by allowing you to see everything outside, but also takes away natural night vision to any creep lurking on your property.


2.  If inside lights must be on have a full proof drape system.  Make sure there is no way anyone can see inside.  Keep outside lights on a timer if possible or install motion detectors.


3.  Having a dog is always a great alarm system despite what your professional home security salesmen may tell you.


4.  Keeping ALL doors and windows locked is always a good idea.  If that is not an option for whatever reason, at least invest in door chimes so you can hear if  someone enters your home.


5.  Don’t go out walking alone at night but if you must, carry a flashlight.  The flashlight can be used to shine in the eyes of a potential attacker then suddenly turned off causing confusion as the potential attackers  eyes adjust from natural light ( Flashlight in this case ) to natural night vision.  It can give you up to an extra 30 seconds.


Please take note that there are many other things people can do to make their property safer other than listed.  Senshi Martial Arts Academy is located 16 W. Main St, 2nd Floor in the Ja Fitness Center Building in Marcellus N.Y.  For more information on our classes you  can find us at  or Facebook@senshidojo1  or     or just call us   315 415 6171  


The Importance of Awareness


In self-defense it is important to allow your body to make use the SENSES: 


KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!    It is wise to allow yourself to recognize and avoid potential dangerous situations by actually SEEING them first,  whether it be spotting a person who may be armed, seeing footprints in the snow near a window,  from spotting a rabid animal in the daytime who looks out of place etc. is always a good idea.  This means eyes up and no cell phone distractions when walking down the any street or trail.  Statistics show that criminals choose unaware distracted people as their victims.  Statistics also the bad guys pick their  targets within the first 7 seconds of sight. The numbers are staggering.  Don’t look like a victim!!


NO EAR BUDS OR HEAD PHONES!!   Are you able to hear a car approaching fast from behind you?   Do you allow yourself the opportunity to hear footsteps approaching fast from behind you when you are on a walk or run?  Do you put yourself in a position to avoid potentially dangerous situations by being able to hear and identify potentially violent situations such as sirens,  people screaming , glass being broken, tires spinning out of control, a band of coyotes a piano falling on your head J ?


YOU CAN SMELL THE TROUBLE!  Believe it or not your nose can be of great service to avoid danger.  The smell of something burning, the smell of a gas leak, a strange smell or stench in a room, the smell of gun powder that was not there before can tip you off to a bad situation instantly!    

To sum it up the best sense you can use is common sense!  Please for your own sake as well as your family practice these basic self-defense principles daily.    Please remember that Ninjutsu is NOT  Karate.  Ninjutsu is a specialized unique martial art which emphasizes the realistic aspects of self-defense as well as physical and mental conditioning for men women and children.

Senshi Short Circuit Adds Another Class
Your first mistake?  Thinking that this is like all the other circuit training classes.
Your second mistake?  Not showing up.


Senshi's adult fitness class, Short Circuit, has grown in popularity due to the success stories of our participants. By utilizing PROVEN training methods, our participants have experienced WEIGHT LOSS and increase in their overall strength and cardio capacity.  EACH class has a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER on site making sure that everyone is exercising to their capacity safely, and with good form.  This class has become so popular that we have had to add on another class!

SHORT CIRCUIT TURBO is held Tuesdays at 6:00 pm, downstairs in the main gym is where you will find our newest class.  It is a perfect compliment to our other two classes that utilize self-defense stations and body weight exercises.  This class uses all that the gym has to offer: weight machines, cables, cardio, battle ropes, heavy bag and so much more!!

Come in and see why participants are so loyal to this class.  Come in and experience the change for yourself!!  You wanted something different.  You want to see changes in your body and in your life.  We will get you there.




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