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Lightning Ninja Kids

Lightning Ninjas fits the name of the classes perfectly. These classes will make children physically faster and mentally stronger. Classes are designed to challenge and grow students’ mind, body and spirit through the teachings and wisdoms of the Senshi Martial Arts system. There are legitimate multiple success stories of student report cards improving when enrolled in this truly unique, one of a kind martial arts program. Students not only learn the art of how to properly roll and fall, but they also have the pleasure of working with each other with hands on techniques in a controlled environment. We teach using a buddy system approach. Children are taught to be helpful and support one another during their training. Kids will learn the fundamentals of the traditional ancient art of Ninjutsu which includes many basic and advanced self-defense techniques, combined with state-of-the-art modern mixed martial arts exercises and techniques.  Private lessons available.

Adult Self Defense

Our Adult class is a non-sport, no-nonsense approach to practical self-defense that is fun to learn. In addition to Ninjutsu, students will learn techniques from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, wrestling and practical use of weapons. (Students must show exceptional character prior to weapons training).  All classes are taught with the utmost safety in mind, body and spirit in a controlled environment.  Separate fitness, conditioning and grappling classes are available as part of our curriculum as well.  

Outdoor Training

As soon as the weather breaks, we take classes outdoors!!  We hold class in the beautiful Marcellus Park.  This is a Senshi tradition and we've been doing it for years. 

Senshi Certified Personal Training

Our Assistant Instructor, Lisa Bardou, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Group Fitness Specialist and Integrated Flexibility Trainer as well as an ACE Certified Health Coach.  Check out our personal training page for more info.  Using assessments and other tools, Lisa will work with you to create a customized training program that will assist you in reaching your goals. Package options available.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available. Studies have shown students that take 2 group classes plus 1 private lesson per week, learn 2.5 times faster. Lessons are 30-45 minutes each. All private lessons are taught by 4th degree black belt Master Kenneth Tyminski personally. Lessons are by appointment only. **Additional tuition required.

*One of our Senshi families that trains together!

Senshi Short Circuit

"Designed and created by a Certified Personal Trainer and a Martial Arts Master. This class will challenge and empower you.  Get fit without getting hit in this self-defense themed, metabolic training class!"


This is Circuit training taken to the next level! 


Each participant will move through self-defense themed, and body weight exercise, timed stations. Each station brings something different, new and challenging. This is a "no touch" class. The only person you are competing against is YOU.

When you come into class you can expect to see any of the following: punching bags, a grappling and take-down dummy, jump rope, activity rings, hand-held focus pads, Lebert Bars, a balance trainer and much more!! Each session is 40 minutes from warm up to cool down. 

What do you need to bring? 


▪ A TOWEL!! (not kidding)

▪ Water, and lots of it. 

▪ Boxing gloves (if you don't have them, you can get them through us.)

▪ Work out in your bare feet or in your gym shoes.

▪ A "get it done" attitude. 


***This program is for all fitness levels. The structure allows for modifications and our NASM Certified Personal Trainer is there to make sure you are using proper form and working to your capacity.

Additional Programs


Senshi Kids Camp - On occasion, Senshi Dojo will hold day camps for students and non-students alike. These camps may take place during school vacations or days off. Camp details will vary. **Additional tuition may be required. Keep an eye on the calendar for information on any upcoming camps!


Special Events - Open to students and non-students alike. Our special events include 1 day workshops with our Master Instructor or a guest instructor. In addition we will be posting volunteering opportunities within our community and dojo. Keep an eye on the calendar for announcements of these special events! **Additional tuition may be required.  Senshi Martial Arts Academy is a true martial arts school.  We DO NOT do birthday parties.


Outside Group Seminars and Workshops - If you belong to a group, company, or own a business, we are at your service! We offer custom seminars and workshops for your members/employees. Here are a few examples: Maybe you have a teen group and some are ready to head off to college; we will hold a workshop to teach basic self-defense; or maybe you have a senior citizen group, or a Girl/Boy Scout leader looking to earn a badge. ***Fee for workshop to be discussed with Program Director.

Corporate Seminars -  If you own, run or manage a business you know what your most precious asset is; your employees.  Without them, your business would come to a screeching halt so why not empower them to be more aware and better prepared in case of an incident?  None of us leave our homes in the morning with the idea that something could happen, and yet it does to far too many people.

We provide group instruction to your employees on basic self-defense and things they can do to make themselves not look like a victim when they are walking to their car, shopping or wherever they are.

We have worked with hundreds of employees whose jobs range from on-site social work, children’s day care facilities and office workers.  Contact us today to schedule this very important employee benefit.

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