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Senshi Certified Personal Training
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A team like no other!

You aren't like everyone else.  Why train like you are? 


Senshi  Certified Personal Training (CPT) is dedicated to assisting you in your personal fitness.  Personal training is all about YOU and not the person next to you.  We specialize in corrective exercise, senior fitness, strength, athletic performance and general fitness.  Our individualized approach allows us to be innovative in our planning and design.  Our plan designs have included :

  • boxing routines,

  • focus on balance,

  • enhanced athletic performance,

  • weight loss

  • toning

  • strength

  • general fitness


In other words, we listen to you and what interests you and we design a plan with YOU in mind.

***National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified: 

Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Integrated Flexibility Training

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